Ways to Be Happy at College

college happy time 1 Ways to Be Happy at CollegeDid you just graduate from high school and you’re going to study at college? What college and major do you choose? Whatever they’re, just make sure you choose the right one so you’ll be not disappointed sooner or later. Make your colleges time memorable by having a happy college life by doing these things:

Be a smart student

One way to be happy is by becoming a smart student that has good academic and/or non-academic achievements. To make it come true, attend all classes diligently, be active in the classes, study hard, and do assignments completely. In addition, pay attention to your appearance because brain and beauty make a perfect combination. For example, why don’t you get lip injections to make your lips sexier?

Get involved in campus activities

The next way is getting involved in your campus activities. Studying at college doesn’t mean you spend all time for studying. Socialize with friends, explore your campus, and join at least one extracurricular activity.  Make many friends. The more friends you get the better it is.

Maintain your health

You’ll not be happy and even your study will be neglected if you are often sick. Thus, always maintain your health. What are the ways? You should eat regularly, eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly, have enough sleep, have a holiday every now and then, drink much plain water, etc.

Now, be ready to start your campus life and stay happy.

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  1. Sarah Winson June 28, 2013 at 9:59 am #

    I like your second point. getting involved by joining activities that exist at campus really makes students happy. i have EXPERIENCED it.

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