Master of Health Administration

health administrationThe Master of Health Administration (MHA) is a master’s degree for careers in health care administration. This graduate-level degree program provides the knowledge and skills needed for effective management of hospitals, public health systems and other health service organizations. Accredited programs delve into topics like health policy, health care economics, population health, human resource, information systems, health care management, marketing and communications.

Many health care executives choose to update their knowledge and advance their careers through an executive Master of Health Administration degree. Most MHA programs are found in colleges of medicine or allied health in traditional campus settings. However, due to an aging population and explosion of health care careers, more schools now offer distance learning programs. Working professionals can now earn their Master of Health Administration online from prestigious schools across the country.

The University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles is one of a growing number of schools that now offer the executive MHA online. The Price School of Public Policy, part of the USC system, is ranked among the top ten schools for public affairs according to “U. S. News and World Report.” Schools like USC understand the need for quality health care delivery; to that end, they have developed an online program for the executive MHA degree.

With the knowledge and skills acquired online, hospital administrators and other professionals have the ability to shape the future of health care in the United States. Online MHA programs focus on health care innovation, implementation, population management, risk assessment and more. Students explore new ways to cultivate relationships between patients, health care providers and health service organizations.

Health care administrators learn how to structure a qualified health care workforce, introduce and implement new technologies and make decisions that impact patient safety, employee satisfaction and their organization’s bottom line. Students get to interact with other business and health care professionals as they learn to transform health care in their hospitals and organizations.

With an executive MHA degree, health care managers gain a better understanding of the future of health care. They develop innovative solutions to meet the challenges of ever-changing health care policy and regulations while balancing the needs of patients and the health care workforce. The short amount of time invested in graduate level study today can shape the future of health care in America tomorrow.

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